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Based in Raleigh, N.C. Slugnut hit the local music scene in August 1993.  By combining aggression, comedy, sex, and a little "psycho madness," Slugnut was established as a gutsy band performing cutting edge jams at a furious pace.  The band originally started as a foursome consisting of guitarists Keith Fairweather, Mikie Bruce, bassist/co-founder Skip Cromley, and drummer Trey McLamb.  In January of 1995, Nate Harriss replaced Skip on bass, and three years later Jason Wheeler replaced Trey on the drums & vocals.  The fall of 1999 marked the dramatic turn for the band, longtime guitarist/vocalist and co-founder Mikie Bruce left the band for good and went to the beach.  The band has since then kept the three-piece unit, thus redefining their music with the techniques of a power trio band.

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Previous lineup

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